Whether you are an ambitious musician looking to fine tune your skills, a performing artist in need of an active and experienced ear to hear your new work, or you working on finding your voice – Brian has a workshop to suit your needs. Come dive deep with like-minded musicians and vocal artists as Brian leads you into an exploration of your musical craft.
Reboot Lab
Brian’s Reboot Lab is a place of professional collaboration for experienced and ambitious musicians and vocal artists. These workshops are designed to help you fine tune your musical skills and learn how to navigate the current business of music.
Turntable Creative
Are you a performer in need of an active and experienced ear for your new work? Brian’s Turntable Creative Workshops are the perfect place to do just. Step inside a performance setting that is creative and receive feedback by professionals in the industry.
Summer Vocal Workshop
Need help finding and defining your voice? With a focus on vocal styles, developing skill sets for singers, and learning how to make a song come alive in performance, Brian’s summer vocal workshops are a great way to both begin and progress on your musical journey.