brian-farrell-signature-sound2Vocal Coaching 

Brian Farrell has over 35,000 hours of vocal coaching and musical experience working with singers, bands, and performers in all styles of music to find their signature sound.

Finding the Story in the Song

Brian works on and off site vocal coaching singers, songwriters, bands, soloists, television and radio presenters, professionals as well as organizations.

Brian explores sound, groove and story with singers.  Singers learn about breath control, developing consistency, tone, and extending their vocal range with control through their vocal breaks.  All of this adds to the ability of singers to develop their signature sound and find their way effortlessly into the story within the song.

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Singing Tips From the Experts

Brian offers Tip #28

Vocal Coaching & Singing Lessons 

Sign up for weekly, monthly, bi- monthly vocal coaching sessions with Brian Farrell and his Vocal Associate Mariya Stokes.  

Brian has mentored and coached Mariya who is now an Associate Vocal Coach.  She is respected for her innovative teaching approach with singers as well as her extraordinary talents as a singer/songwriter and musician.

Skype coaching sessions are available.  Due to high demand for vocal sessions, a 24 hour cancellation policy is enforced.  There is no fee for session cancellations made before this time.

Vocal Workshops

Brian leads a variety of vocal workshops for artists, singers, songwriters, performers and those who enjoy music.  These workshops are entertaining, creative, interactive, and provide inspiring feedback for aspiring singers and songwriters.  At times, guest artists and singers will visit to listen and perform.

What Musicians Say...


Singer, named Graduate of the Last Decade by University of Calgary

“Great leaders are able to lead not because they demand it but because their passion for what they do is so infectious that others want to follow. Leadership requires commitment, creativity, a positive attitude, intuition, an ability to inspire and a great sense of humour. Brian has all of these qualities which makes him one of the great artistic leaders in our city. Through his teaching ... mentees are attracted to him, wanting just a fraction of passion that he demonstrates everyday and wanting to be mentored by him to reach their full potential. I was and am one of those people. He has worked, directly and indirectly, with me over this time to help revolutionize my instrument and above all, help me discover a joy for music ....”