Sunday, February 13, 2011: TURNTABLE CREATIVE

Four years ago, a group of us met in Bearspaw to formulate ideas to bring singers, songwriters and performers together.  It was the beginning of the Creative Class – we would meet 16 – 20 times a year over the course of four years.  Topics that were generated over those four years included: Listening Inside the Music, Creating Your Own Style, The Art of Songwriting, Viewing Exceptional Performances, How to Audition, Your Music Team: What They Do, Creativity and the Brain, Making Inexpensive Recordings of Interesting Material and so many more.

On Saturday we met again with a group of singers, songwriters and performers.  Our goal is to take the Creative Class to another level.  On Saturday, we introduced Turntable Creative.   On the Turntable Creative Facebook it reads: “Are you a musician? Singer/Songwriter? Band member? Just a quirky creative type person?  You need to come to Turntable Creative – the new musical eco-system in Calgary that helps move your musical career forward.”

Our group at Turntable Creative consists of music sage Neil MacGonigill, marketing guru Patti Derbyshire, I.T. specialist Mike Schroeder and me, Brian Farrell.  The focus of every Turntable Creative class will include at least two of the following elements: peer review of your songs, guest artist visits, music history/appreciation/context, collaborations with other artists AND marketing and social media advice.

Our goal is to create and build trust amongst participants in the Turntable Creative group.  Saturday’s opening discussion with Q and A was a positive and productive start.  We’re on to something big!

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