brian-farrell-turntable-creative-vocal-workshopsTurnTable Creative

Instructive Feedback in a Creative Environment with Brian Farrell & Neil MacGonigill

Turntable Creative Workshops are for performers to “try on their song(s)” in a performance setting that is creative, and also to receive feedback by professionals in the industry.

Turntable Creative is an active and creative environment for artists, singers, songwriters, performers and those who enjoy music.  It’s entertaining for audiences, it’s interactive, and provides inspiring feedback for aspiring singers and songwriters.

brian-farrell-turntablecreative2This is a showcase event for singers and songwriters. At times, guest artists and singers will visit and perform.

Neil MacGonigill (Indelible Music) and Brian Farrell (Vocal Coach/Artistic Director) interact with performers and provide feedback to artists. The whole audience is involved in interactive discussion.

These workshops are offered monthly.

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Upcoming TurnTable Creative Workshops

3rd Monday of each Month
7 – 9 pm
@ The Annex
(31 Skyline Crescent NE)
Fee: $30 for guests

Space is limited.


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What Musicians Say...



“I think the monthly Turntable Creative classes are fantastic!! – In my genre (rock), its very hard to get and give good constructive criticism without egos blowing up because of it – a very mature song writing group.”