Sunday, November 21, 2010: THE SOCIAL OF SOCIAL MEDIA

My Space, You Tube, Twitter – are powerful social media forms.  We all know that.

Lately, I’ve been working with some very smart social media groups who know their work.  This week, I had an opportunity to see how it works in real time.

Raghav and I visited Sir Winston Churchill High School – the school he once attended.  Inside the main office, we asked secretaries to contact a particular teacher.  As guests in a school, there is a protocol and procedure upon entering.  One of the administrators with whom I had worked with, escorted us to the teacher’s classroom.  It was an international baccalaureate biology class where Debbie Miller was teaching.  Debbie currently heads the science department.  Debbie Miller was a big supporter of the arts in the school when Raghav attended there.  She helped with the musicals I directed in the 90’s.

The classroom was abuzz with Raghav’s quick visit.  He was instantly recognized by students.  His social media profile is huge as is his musical profile in the UK, Asia and India.  On our way through the hallways, students would approach and politely ask, “Are you Raghav?”  and seek a photo or autograph.

It was a special trip back to a place where both Raghav and I enjoyed our work together in music.  And to know that his international career is followed by Calgarians in the high school he once attended is very special indeed!

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