MIND & MUSIC: Tips And Lessons from The Guy in the Back Row

"I love the book!"
Suzie Conine
Business Coach with Tony Robbins


"What a great read! I look forward to reading it again. I only re-read the best books."
Jim Jefferies
Radio Host, Program Director, Musician


"This is an incredible book! Brian Farrell has an unmatched vision, drive, and ability to propel people to be the best they can be. He is the best teacher I have ever known."
Katelyn Reid
Music Teacher, Singer


"Fascinating stories."
Donna Willson
Musician, Teacher


"Reading your book ... I often connected your words with your actions. You truly are a great role model and your positive approach to life is infectious."
Al MacDonald
School Administrator

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Vocal Coaching

“I'm currently 5 months into medical school and we had a class today that made me think of you. We were being assessed by video recording and today we watched our recordings. The general consensus was how difficult it was listening to your own voice. It made me think of all those years of lessons where you built my confidence up in these matters.

Thank you for being such a positive influence on me when I was just learning how to sing and play music. The work we put in together is paying big dividends in other aspects of my life now, and I'm really grateful.”

Michael Sullivan
Medical Student


“Your approach to music is one from the heart, but also one that pushes technicalities in singing and performing to their highest potential. For me personally, I consider you one of the most inspiring teachers I have ever come across, be it in music, yoga, school .... Our group is stronger than ever musically and personally with our connection to each other.”

Bree Greig
Singer with Nettwerk recording artists Aliqua


"Your energy, infectious laugh, fast-paced style, naturally constructive coaching manner and tone, your astounding musical talent...I could go on and on and on. A pleasure to know and work with you and learn from you."

Ken Wilson
Reboot Lab & Vocal Workshop Participant/Singer in Revv52/Business Executive


“As a vocal clinician who has taught in over sixty cities from coast to coast, I am proud to recommend my associate Brian Farrell. His musicianship and understanding of the vocal arts make him my MVP for Calgary. He demonstrated five octaves of vocal range for me and never in my fifteen years and several thousand students have I seen a teacher of any sort with this type of voice. He is creative, innovative and hungry for knowledge. Whoever gets the privilege to work with Brian will reap the benefits immediately and for the rest of his/her life.”

Brett Manning
Nashville Vocal Coach for artists with Capitol, Columbia, Dreamworks, Sony and Broadway


“Being vocal coached/Directed by Brian Farrell is like being studio produced by David Foster...He's just THAT good! We are beyond fortunate to have Brian as our Revv 52 leader! I was a private student of his years ago and he helped shape my voice into what it is today and believe it or not his current coaching and positive energy is consistently raising my level even more!”

Amanda Rae Cross
Singer in Revv52


“Great leaders are able to lead not because they demand it but because their passion for what they do is so infectious that others want to follow. Leadership requires commitment, creativity, a positive attitude, intuition, an ability to inspire and a great sense of humour. Brian has all of these qualities which makes him one of the great artistic leaders in our city. Through his teaching ... mentees are attracted to him, wanting just a fraction of passion that he demonstrates everyday and wanting to be mentored by him to reach their full potential. I was and am one of those people. He has worked, directly and indirectly, with me over this time to help revolutionize my instrument and above all, help me discover a joy for music ....”

Robyn Hauck
Singer, named Graduate of the Last Decade by University of Calgary


“I wanted to send you a message to thank you for everything you did to help me these last two years. Going to lessons with you every week made my life so much better, and played a huge role in building up my self confidence. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your teaching style and open personality. You always made me feel like a rockstar at every practice!”

Kathryn Keenan
Singer, University Student


"Brian shows his students the difference between getting through the moment and living in the moment. He teaches students to seek the intent behind any piece of music, and develops a way to help his students communicate that intent through performance. His extensive academic credentials are quite notable; however it is the passion and heart that truly makes this man stand out from the rest. Together, these qualities pose an unbeatable combination that Brian portrays in such a humble and kindred spirit."

Lindsay Ell
Guitarist/ Singer/ Songwriter (Top 10 Artists to Watch Summer 2014: Rolling Stone Magazine)


"I feel much heartfelt gratitude for all you have done to get me to where I am now. You are a great coach, a great musician and a great person! I'll be back."

Margaret Dahlberg


"You have gifts of discernment, compassion, encouragement, and authority, and you blend those in a unique way that is nothing less than Christ-inspired...."

Bronwyn Spilsbury
Parent of Singer, Pastor of Family Ministeries @ Foothills Alliance Church


"As many people say "You are the best of the Best."

Glenn Pattison
Parent of singer Annie Pattison

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Vocal Workshops

“The workshop today was excellent-- so exciting and invigorating ... you gave inspirational advice for aspiring artists, and showed them what they're capable of with self-confidence! Everything you said was perfect--I loved that you not only reinforced many of the concepts I bring to the class, but also bolstered that sense of self-esteem and honesty that the students need in order to be accomplished performers and artists! Thanks so much for your time, energy, passion, and expertise!”

Gavin Logan
Music Theatre Teacher


“There are not alot of people in the music industry today that spread joy and light to that degree. Brian has a unique ability to bring out a sound that most wouldn't have known they had.”

Dana Hayes-Morling
Music Education Consultant, Long and McQuade Music


“I am in awe of your dedication and the integrity you bring to music education.”

Duff Roman
V.P. Industry Affairs and Digital Operations, CHUM Ltd.


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for giving me the opportunity to be able to look back on the amazing experience of being a part of what was definitely your best vocal workshop yet. This was my 4th with you and every year I learn something new about performing and the joy of sharing music with others. The support from you and all the participants was uplifting and this is something that I will carry with me for always."

Janice Boulet
Singer in Revv52/Singer in Vocal Workshop

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Music Mentorship

“Brian Farrell teaches students what passion means. He is extremely dedicated and gifted, and has a unique ability to bring the best out of the people with whom he works. I am thankful for Brian’s influence in my life and career; he truly cares about his pupils with an enthusiasm that goes far beyond the classroom. You’ve continued to reach out, attend my concerts, to encourage, to praise and to counsel. You are the real deal. Thank you, for all that you’ve done for me. I only hope that someday I can be as big an influence on someone who hasn’t even started dreaming yet, and see in them whatever it was you saw in me, and help them to make that dream come true.”

Paul Brandt
Country Music Singer/ Songwriter (CMS Global Artist of the Year, 14 CCMA and 7 Juno Awards)


“I feel that I have grown so much and not only vocally but also as an artist and as a person. You're on-going support has been so helpful and it's extremely comforting to know that I can contact you if I am looking for advice. Thank you for making me better at what I do, thank you for supporting me in what I do and thank you for helping me believe that I can do what I want to do. Very appreciative of your time, your thoughts, insights and talent. I feel very happy and grateful to have met you and can't wait to see what else is down the road!”

Tanya Ryan
Singer/ Songwriter/ winner Calgary Stampede's Nashville North Star and Country 105/Lammles’ Rising Star


“Brian Farrell is one of the main reasons I am a musician today. He taught me everything there is to know about using your ears, and really listening to melody, harmony, and understanding lyrics. I’ll never forget when he said to me, “Demand excellence from yourself and the people with whom you work.” I am happy and proud to call him my friend.”

Ashwin Sood
Drummer with Sarah McLachlan, Jason Mraz / Producer / Talent Scout


“Brian Farrell is an amazing person. His passion for life is contagious. It is simply no coincidence that his students have gone on to excel at the highest level of the music industry and all walks of life. It would be an outrageous understatement to say Brian has played an important role in my career; the truth is there is no way I can come close to even dreaming of my current success without Brian Farrell. He is Mr. Holland's Opus multiplied by a million.”

Singer/ Songwriter (Mobo Award recipient, 6 hit singles on British charts, #1 hit single "Fire" on Canadian charts)

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Artistic Direction

“Brian is one of the most outstanding educators/teachers/performers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. They don’t get any better. He brings joy by just showing up and is a superbly talented musical man.”

Doon Wilkins
Author/ Educator/ Musician


“...you are such a brilliant light, great artist and leader in our community. It takes much work, dedication, grace and humour.”

Morag Northey
Cellist/ Singer/ Teacher / Speaker


“A shout out to ... Brian Farrell. In 2014, I opened my first official Off-Broadway show. That and along with a number of other incredibly exciting projects would never have been possible without his calm and unyielding support. He is the one who makes everyone feel "seen" and "heard" in a room. He shows you the forest among the trees. He challenges people to trust themselves and step out in faith. He is a mentor and friend to all. I would not be the producer nor the person I am if it weren't for him.”

Anna Lauren
Producer, New York City

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Parkinson’s Vocal Coaching

“Brian with his music, his personality, his sense of humor, his love for the elderly, made him a special person that we all could relate to. The music program made Wednesday mornings a special day to get up for. It gave me one morning a week where I didn't even think about having Parkinson’s and the music stayed with me for the entire day. No one could replace Brian.” “Brian is an awesome teacher who makes the program a whole lot of fun.” “I think Brian is great. With his vast experience, knowledge of performers and musical style, he was able to share with us in a way that made it fun and memorable” “Brian's approach to singing is tremendous - his knowledge is great.”

Parkinson's Singers
The Parkinson's group of singers and caregivers

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