I’ve always been focused on the “rigor” of going deep into a project – rather than surface learning a lot of material.

Al Pacino has build a brilliant reputation as an actor who “sets the mark”.  In acting and in music, it’s important to have a place to “try things on”  and “run ideas”.  A recent interview Pacino shared this: “I had the Actor’s Studio.  For me, getting in there was the greatest thing.  That was a place where I had my comrades.  It was a place where you could go to exercise and express and experiment with stuff, where you weren’t on the line to get the part.”

Then when you’re in the performance place, you have to “wear it” for awhile before you can actually “own it”.  It’s like that for anything really.  Pacino relates, “If you don’t take time with it and learn it right, you’re just chasing it; you’re not embodying it.  Most actors get a four-week rehearsal period, and then you’re just learning lines.  You’re not living it.  With Shakespeare especially, it’s best if you’ve done it before – because by the time you’re getting to any place of understanding, the run is over.”

The Reboot Lab that Ashwin Sood and I will be sharing on February 22nd at OCL Studios (www.ocl.studios.com) will focus on “rigor” and going deep on what performance is and what performance can be.  See www.brianfarrell.ca for further information.

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