Brian Farrell Artistic Director REVV52Art Direction - Revv52

Artistic Director Brian Farrell helped establish Revv52 as a unique Canadian vocal ensemble that “pushes the bounds of choral music.”

Brian Farrell was the Artistic Director of Revv52  for 24 years.  Revv52 is recognized as a leader in Canada’s vocal and performing arts communities, fusing a variety of creative elements to produce performances that entertain and open the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere.

Revv52 is made us of over 50 singers representing all walks of life and professions, a live band and crew of professionals.  Revv52 is creating a buzz with its sold-out shows, and online community around the world.



What Singers Say... 


REVV52 Singer

"Being vocal coached/Directed by Brian Farrell is like being studio produced by David Foster...He's just THAT good! We are beyond fortunate to have Brian as our Revv 52 leader! I was a private student of his years ago and he helped shape my voice into what it is today and believe it or not his current coaching and positive energy is consistently raising my level even more!”