Legendary Jazz singer Tony Bennett writes: “I grew up in an era when there was no such thing as planned obsolescence; instead, everything was made with quality.”

Quality. Quality in clothing, in food, in friendships and relationships … in music. The music that lasts – that’s quality. Bennett refers to the songs of Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong when he talks “quality”.

I was sorting through some old papers and documents this week and came across an invoice from 1981. It was for the purchase of my first piano here in Calgary. At the time I owned little else. To most that would be a questionable purchase – especially at 18.75% interest. Upon reflection, for me, it was a notable purchase even at the time at such astronomically high interest rates.

That grand piano was excellent quality – it was a fine instrument. It represented my focus for my work in Calgary – music.

I focused on music. The new instrument was a means to hone my skills as a musician. No television no other distractions – I played that instrument daily. Songs. Quality songs. And over the course of time, I’ve worked with some very fine musicians around that grand piano.

The quality of that instrument and the hours using it motivated my passion for music and a passion to share that with others.

Quality is at the heart of it all.

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