Brian-Farrell-Parkinsons-Singing-GroupParkinson's Singing Program

Sharing a love of music and new Parkinson’s research on singing and the brain.

Parkinson's Singing Group Brian Farrell at PianoBrian leads the Parkinson's Singing Program for Parkinson's Alberta in Calgary.  Research indicates that singing can help improve speech and voice challenges commonly associated with Parkinson's disease.  Brian inspires participants through singing, humorous stories and movement.  Singing experience not required.  All are welcome.


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Singing & the Brain

Singing is a culturally universal pastime that improves bonding and produces a sense of belonging that traditional therapies often cannot match. Additionally, singing can be considered an elongated type of speech with particular emphasis on rhythm, tempo, tonal changes and respiratory control.

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What Singers Say...

The Parkinson's group of singers and caregivers

“Brian with his music, his personality, his sense of humor, his love for the elderly, made him a special person that we all could relate to. The music program made Wednesday mornings a special day to get up for. It gave me one morning a week where I didn't even think about having Parkinson’s and the music stayed with me for the entire day. No one could replace Brian.”

“Brian is an awesome teacher who makes the program a whole lot of fun.”

“I think Brian is great. With his vast experience, knowledge of performers and musical style, he was able to share with us in a way that made it fun and memorable”.

“Brian's approach to singing is tremendous - his knowledge is great.”