Two essential books by best selling author Max DePree are “Leadership is an Art” and “Leadership Jazz”.  “Leadership Is an Art” has become “a must-read and re-read book in many languages for leaders all around the world.”DSCF1249

This is what Max DePree says about leadership in “Leadership Jazz”: “Creative work needs the ethos of jazz. A leader will pick the tune, set the tempo, and start the music, define a “style”. After that, it’s up to the band to be disciplined and free, wild and restrained – leaders and followers, focused and wide ranging, playing the music for the audience and accountable to the requirements of the band. Jazz-band leaders know how to integrate the “voices” in the band without diminishing their uniqueness. The individuals in the band are expected to play solo and together. What a wonderful way to think of a vital and productive organization.”

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