It’s really in the approach – a commitment to excellence.

To be excellent at anything requires tools and equipment, knowledge and understanding for what it takes to succeed, discipline, physical and mental toughness, time for consistent practice, seeking out advice and mentorship from others who have experience, big goal setting and mostly an understanding for WHY you are doing it in the first place.

People start things – but many times they don’t finish.  Lots of reasons for “not finishing” – some reasons not so obvious.

With the arts and music – sometimes “not finishing” comes from a mentality of doing it part time.  We make excuses: “It’s not what I do full time.”  “It’s not my priority.”  “I’m too busy with other things in my life.”  “Family commitments.”  “I can’t see myself doing this down the road.”  “It takes too much time.”

Maybe … but one might find that these excuses squeeze themselves into other areas of one’s life.  Sometimes it’s a fear of success.  Sometimes it’s safe to stay away from the long hours required for the work.

However, when things do work out – a concert is brilliant, a big game is won, a big goal is achieved – there is evidence of a focused commitment.  There were no backdoors.  No wavering from completing the task at hand.

It will be like that for successful Olympic athletes in the next few weeks.

It is like that if one is to have success in the arts – an unwavering commitment to excellence.


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