Revv52 is a group of 50 extraordinary singers who “stretch the bounds of artistic performance.”  With a five piece band of some of the finest musicians in Calgary, with lights, sound and production – a Revv52 show is something you have to experience first hand!

Revv52 is about to kick off five shows of “Gospel Revvolution” this week (May 6th – 9th) at River Park Auditorium in Calgary (www.revv52.com).  Just as we cranked up the PR for the shows – our Calgary Flames won the first play-off series against the Vancouver Canucks.

Flames support is heating up in our city.  The Red Mile comes alive with each Flames home play-off game.  And the Dome will be rockin’ when the Ducks visit on Tuesday night.

Revv52 put together our “Tribute to the Flames”.  The song has been playing on Calgary radio stations, and online.  Singers from Revv52 like Dave MacLeod, Dave Kletke and Joe Moreau pulled the concept together and Chris Daniels engineered the project.  Aaron Bernakevitch provided the production video, Murray Ord, the creative production.  We shared the ideas over email and set up the recording.

Twenty of the Revv52 singers showed up on a Monday night and made it happen.  Enjoy the video, playoff hockey and the Calgary Flames!  Go Flames Go!

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