Tuesday, December 7, 2010: CREATING LIVE MUSIC

We transformed the great room into a recording space on Sunday night.  Out came the Christmas decorations and in came the cameras, the recording gear, the drums, the musicians and microphones.

I was looking forward to this recording session because the musicians, the sound engineer and the videographers are excellent in their work and highly creative in their approach to art, film and music.  Work like this with quality people makes the creative process “shine”.

We worked two cameras on the grand piano, the drums and the room.   The open stick six foot grand piano was mic’ed with two microphones above the sound board, with another mic for Shannon Magee (singer/songwriter) who performed at the keyboard.  The percussionist, Brent Van Dusen, is a seasoned artist who has recorded extensively.  He played a minimalist drum set of cymbals, snare with kick pedal attached to his cajon drum and used the cajon as his stool.  Three mics were place around the drums – atop the snare, over the ride cymbals and another on the wind chimes.  The instruments came alive in room with the high ceiling.  Sound engineer, Tim Jeffery was surprised that sound separation of drum and piano was still possible in the great room space.

Producer Murray Ord and Aaron Bernakevitch of 4K Film Productions filmed with a hand held Sony HVRZIU and a small Canon 7D for wider framed shots.  The final edited video will capture the three recorded songs in a live “off the floor” context with banter between artists, camera crew and me (music producer).

Next week, we add strings and bass to the overall mix.  We’ll venture out to Bragg Creek where Chris and Beth Sandvoss, musicians from Calgary’s Land’s End Chamber Ensemble, will add their creative musicianship.

It’s a joy to create with music.  Stay tuned as we wind our way through the creative process of making music come alive!

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