It’s all about confidence.

It’s essential to practice and rehearse but at the moment of performance – deliver with confidence.   It’s not about competing with someone else more that it is setting the bar higher for the art form.   It’s not about beating an opponent more than it is reaching for a higher standard.

Many times in the past, I’ve been asked “What is the class average?”  The class average is only relative – relative to the quality of the teaching/mentoring and the readiness level of the students among other variables.  To me, more than a class average, it’s the “height” of the desire to be excellent.  Measure it inside the individual learner.  Ask them.  If they’re honest with you and with themselves, they’ll tell you.  They’ll tell you what they know, what they don’t know and what they want to know.  A great teacher/mentor will also guide and inspire them toward opening more doors to learning.

I see excellence reflected in attitudes and fearlessness in learning and stepping forward.  It happens with younger singers – they can be fearless.  It’s so nurturing to support this approach in a supportive and creative learning environment.  It’s so easy to beat down this eagerness to learn with arrogance and ignorance.  So limiting.  Stay away from the negative and the naysayers.  Get around the great teachers/mentors, the ones who are supportive and the ones who are honest with you.

I’m inspired by possibility and hope.  Prepare. Practice. Rehearse.  Then act … with confidence.

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