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Everyone needs space – space to think and unwind away from the daily rhythm of life.  News over the radio yesterday relayed that coffee in the morning and a beer in the evening stimulate creative think.  That might work … I suppose. For me – it’s canoeing.  I escape on the water.  The solitude and…

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“I caught me some Blues in Chicago.” It was the 30th annual Blues Festival in Chicago this year.  The festival happened this past weekend – great music at Millennium and Grant Park.  The theme: “Rolling Up the River” recalled the northward journey taken by the legendary musicians who originally hailed from New Orleans, Mississippi, Memphis…

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They were here in late April and I talked with their general manager.  He was hopeful. He saw the glass half full.  He said that a team could go deep in the playoffs with a good goaltender and a team that played well together. At the time I talked with General Manager Ken Holland of…

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