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The group I saw last weekend was testimony to what makes great art. The drummer who played with sticks in a New York subway decided that he needed to do something different – other drummers played better than him. So he decided to play with his fingers taped with chucks of wood attached to his…

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He sings the stories of his music with passion – there is real truth and honesty in his songs. We’ve been working together since the fall with his vocals – the bar is set high.  His work ethic is focused – he is determined.  He has a story to tell. If he wasn’t a hockey…

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The CBC documentary DOCS aired this week with a focus on “memory”. This interests me in my work with Parkinson’s patients and with artists who perform their songlists by memory onstage in concert with changes over the course of a long tour.  Some of the findings might surprise you. Here’s the list based on the…

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