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Sunday, March 28, 2010:  THE BRAIN AND CREATIVITY Have you noticed that creative individuals are wildly imaginative, link things that may seem unconnected to others and are open to ideas that others might discount?  Van Gogh and his work “Starry Night” was painted while he resided in an asylum,  Beethoven composed symphonies for instruments never…

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The "WOW" Factor

A respected music colleague wrote a short note to me after a recent concert I conducted with REVV52 – it simply read, “WOW!” I haven’t heard that expression for awhile.  Business writer and thinker Tom Peters talks about “WOW” in his writings.  He says, “WOW” projects matter – they make a difference, you can brag…

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It’s the final stretch run before the playoffs in the NHL, it’s close to the final four NCAA basketball championships, the season for arts companies is nearing it’s end and the summer outdoor concerts are fast approaching. Sports coaches, arts directors and conductors always look for ways to inspire the best in players and performers.…

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