10 Important Truths I Know

1.  Calmness is always attractive.
2.  When entering a room full of people, look for the person who looks most uncomfortable. Say hello and introduce yourself.
3.  Be proud of your scars, for they give testimony to battles faced, fought and won.
4.  Few lessons are learned from an easy victory.
5.  Remember that who you’re with is always more important than where you are.
6.  Look at your feet. If they’re in a place they shouldn’t be, the rest of you shouldn’t be there either.
7.  Remember, truth doesn’t care whether you agree of not.
8.  Encourage those chosen last.
9.  Break your word and a piece of your character shatters.
10.When the world asks you to dance, always say yes.220px-Liliumbulbiferumflowertop
(from Life’s Little Instruction Calendar Classics)

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