Gospel Workshop Sat Apr. 22 9AM - 3:30PM

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Vocal Coaching With Brian Farrell

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Turntable Creative hosted by MacGonigill, Farrell & Guests

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REVV52 @ The BELLA THEATRE, June 1-3

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REBOOT LAB Vancouver with Ashwin Sood & Brian Farrell - March 11/17

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2017 Summer Vocal Workshops with Brian Farrell

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Welcome Singers!

It is important to develop each singer’s signature sound. Every singer is different and should be coached as a “unique” artist.

Whether you sing professionally, in an ensemble, in church worship, in recording sessions or for your own enjoyment, I believe each singer has a unique talent that can be tapped by understanding how to apply technique, style and personality to their voice.

“Does it help to sing?”  Leonard Cohen’s response: “I think it helps everything.”

Vocal Coaching, Music Mentoring, Artistic Direction and more!

Brian Farrell is one of the industries foremost vocal coaches, music mentors, and artistic directors. He is also a talented speaker, presenter, and adjudicator.

Brian works on and off site with singers, songwriters, bands, soloists, television and radio presenters, professionals as well as organizations to achieve results. Skype coaching sessions are available.

Brian Farrell

A short video interview of Brian in his studio regarding performance and audience.